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I have been given the great honor of reposting a fabulous blog series by Lynda Quintero-Davids.  This amazing photographer, designer, and blogger recently visited Key West and has a wonderful viewpoint to share.  I hope you enjoy this first installment in a taste of:


Bio picBorn and raised in New Jersey, Lynda evolved into an innovative and creative individual right here in South Florida. Her experience as a display stylist & visual director has helped influence her love of objects, decoration, and display. Her passion for interiors, architecture and photography stems from her love of history. FOCAL POINT is the result of merging her passion & her experience.

Jetting out from the US mainland, is a cluster of about 1700 islands known as the Florida Keys. At the tail end is a wonderful little escape known as Key West. Even though it’s been called “close to perfect, but far from normal”, this island is rich with history, from its historic seaports and devastating hurricanes to its famous residents (including presidents), resilient & timeless architecture styles and breathtaking sunsets…

To set sail into summer this Memorial Day, FOCAL POINT will be featuring a blog a series I’ll be posting this week called Key West Week. Key West , aka Margarita-ville and also known as “The Conch Republic”, has not only been a destination for divers, bikers, and party-goers… but many famous people have called Key West home throughout the years. The island’s relaxed, eclectic, and carefree atmosphere has been a draw to writers such as Robert Frost, Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway… as well as artists such as John James Audubon, musician Jimmy Buffet and even fashion designer Calvin Klein.

The area of Truman’s Annex was first established in 1845 as a part of Fort Zachary Taylor, a U.S. Army installation. The base was eventually taken over in 1947 as the “Fort Zachary Taylor Annex” to Naval Station Key West. It became known as Truman’s Annex after president Truman spent several winters here – at a getaway called the Little White House.

For the rest of Linda’s beautiful photography and commentary please visit her blog “FOCAL POINT”


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