South Florida Sunshine

About the Sunshine Girl

Hi! My name is Michelle Stinson Ross.  But I’m also known to a more than a few people as the “Sunshine Girl.”

Like many of the people that live in Florida, I’m a transplant.  I grew up in Oklahoma and moved to Florida about 7 and a half years ago.  The longer I’m here, the deeper I grow in love with this place.  It has inspired so much in my life.

As my daughters have grown up and become young ladies in their own right,  I’ve been able to rediscover who I am.

Among the “talents and inclinations” I’ve discovered is a passion for writing.  The world and the people around me constantly inspire me to put pen to paper.  It was writing that first drew my attention to Key West.  I was completely fascinated by the stories of salvagers, pirates, and treasure seekers.  Those stories have become the basis of my first attempt at writing a novel.

But my wandering interests don’t stop there.  I studied Business Communication in college.  The way we communicate and interact with each other has always been a fascination.  It influences the way I write and other creative outlets like acting.  But my current obsession is the use of Social Media.  I’m completely addicted to Twitter.  I love what can be done on Facebook to create community, even among people flung all over the world. 

So along with my musings of the wonderful life I have here in South Florida, all the wonderful people, places, and things to do, I want to share my passion for making connections.  One of the extra special connections is my friendship with the wonderful Laura Murphy.  But I’ll let her tell her own story.


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